Compatible With Xiaomi M365 Pro Xiaomi Pro 2 Electric Scooter Front Fork Shock Absorber Assembly Front Fork Hydraulic Shock Absorber Kit


This scooter front fork shock absorption component is specially designed for the specified vehicle type, which can effectively reduce the vibrations, improve riding comfort, high strength and long service life


Compatible with the M365 and PRO1, PRO2 electric scooter.

It is made of fine-quality high-density steel and is practical.

Made of fine quality material, long service time.

It greatly improves the shortcomings of the scooter itself and greatly improves the comfort of riding the electric scooter.

Installation simple and easy to use.

Effectively reduce shock, more smooth and comfortable use experience.


Material: steel 

Item size: 400 * 180 * 80mm / 15.7 * 7.1 * 3.1in

Item weight: 1700g / 3.7lb

Package size: 400 * 200 * 100mm / 15.7 * 7.9 * 3.9in

Package weight: 1885g / 4.2lb


1. Screw accessories are subject to the received object, and the pictures are for reference only.

2. There are two model styles of front fork, random delivery.

Packing List:

1 * Front Suspension Fork

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