ULV Fogger


ULV Fogger – 4.5L Portable Electric ULV Sprayer for ULV Fogging

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About its features:

  1. 16 foot power cord
  2. Automatic Spraying Function,Press Again To Stop Spraying.
  3. Adjustable spray is perfect for misting. Output mist 20-50 microns particle size(average droplet 30 micron)fast spread
  4. The output flow can be adjustable.
  5. 1.2 gallon tank

ULV Fogger



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What is a ULV fogger?
ULV stands for Ultra-Low Volume referring to the fine mist of disinfectant or pesticide liquid that the sprayer puts out to cover all surfaces.

What is a cold fogger?
Cold foggers are the same as ULV foggers. It sprays a mist in fine particles in the 5-20 micron range.

What is a thermal fogger?
A thermal fogger uses heat to produce actual fog. Although cold/ulv foggers an thermal fogers are used for both dispersing pesticide and disinfectant liquid, thermal foggers are mostly use for pesticide use.

What are ULV foggers used for?
ULV foggers are used mainly for misting pestiside in a garden or santizing of a room or vehicle.

What other ways can foggers be used for?
Provided that only water and no other chemical is used in ulv fogger, it can be used as increase humidity in room or used to create more comfortable cool feeling.

Please take caution while using these devices. Be sure to clear indoors with fresh air after missing or fogging indoors. Also please note the below.

  • Only by trainedexternal icon professionals
  • With disinfectants approvedexternal icon for this method of application
  • According to manufacturer instructions for safety, use, and contact time
  • With appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and other safety measures to ensure safety for the operator, others nearby, and for people who might use the room afterward
  • When rooms are not occupied
  • With extreme caution if using around food preparation or areas where children play



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